Jersey Shore Cancelled (In God’s Name We Pray. Amen.)

The popular tv show Jersey Shore, a reality series about a group of adults in New Jersey that love partying and all things frivolous, will be ending after its current season.  According to MTV executive Chris Linn, the show was cancelled because it no longer “made sense”.  “[W]ith Nicole (Snooki) having her baby, the relationships, etc. it felt like the right time to bring it to a close and end on a high note.”  The news comes as shocking to the millions of viewers that tuned in every “Jersday” to watch Jersey Shore on MTV.  Linn also went on to state that the cost of the cast was not a factor in the ending of the show.

In my personal viewpoint, this is a great sign from God that there still is faith in humanity.  I never understood how or why the television viewers who watched Jersey Shore found enjoyment in watching ignorant Italian drunkards go mentally insane.  I’m Italian myself, and I always found Jersey Shore embarrassing and humiliating.  Jersey Shore has managed to create a new stereotype in America – that all Italians are obssessed with tanning, drunk, and endlessly party.  With as many as 8.9 million viewers per week, that stereotype is profoundly widespread.  The fact that shows such as Jersey Shore are more popular in America than, say, the news, absolutely disgusts me.  Jersey Shore is a great example of why many other countries, especially those in the Middle East, despise American culture.  I don’t blame them.

Another reason I am glad the show is being cancelled is that it bodes well for Snooki’s newborn child. While, unfortunately, Snooki’s baby will likely be hounded by the media, at least he won’t be involved in a reality show that emphasizes drinking, raving, and fighting.  Interestingly, around the time when Snooki first revealed she was pregnant, the interenet became fludded with memes railing on the subject, such as those relating her pregnancy to the supposed end of the world.  On the counterpoint to the show being cancelled, these memes are reminders of Snooki’s glaring lack of a sense of responsibility.    The fact that 8.9 million Americans seemingly enjoy the antics of a mother that doesn’t want to take care of her own baby is absolutely apalling to me.

Jersey Shore has affected all different age demographics.  Specifically, it has infiltrated its way into the brains of innocent teenage girls.  Dana, a 15-year-old from Ni-Hella, New Jersey, writes about how the show has influenced many of her friends and others at her school.  Additionally, Dana is of Italian descent, and describes how she been stereotyped by other people just because of this fact:

“As I’m walking down the isle it seems they were out of my regular. I guess the sales girl noticed I was looking for something and approached me. She had a southern accent so I knew immediately she wasn’t from around here. “Are you looking for something?” she asked. I kindly replied, “Yes, but I don’t think what I’m looking for is here.” With out even knowing me for more than five seconds she said “Oh I know what all you Jersey girls want, that big hair like Snookie.” The girls behind the counter agreed and laughed along with her. I looked at them not even knowing what to say. I did a nervous chuckle and left the store.”

When I was younger, most of the 15-year-olds I knew watched Animal Planet or Nickelodeon, not refuse such as Jersey Shore.  It is a plague that has swept over America, and its cancellation is a blessing from the Lord above.

In God’s Name We Pray.  Amen.