America Knows Who Can Dance

So You Think You Can Dance” is a TV show on Fox (channel 8 in my area) in which dancers of various styles compete for the title of ‘America’s Favorite Dancer’; this year, there were to be two winners: one male, one female.  I very much enjoy watching So You Think You Can Dance.  The talent on the show is simply unbelievable, and the fact that So You Think You Can Dance shows tasteful, wonderfully complex works of art on American national television is a hopeful sign in my viewpoint that the arts are well and alive in America.  Two days ago, on September 18th, 2012, The Fox TV reality competition show had its season finale.  In this season finale, there were four dancers remaining in the competition.  One of the females was Eliana Girard, a classically trained ballet dancer, and the other was Tiffany Maher, a jazz dancer.  To delve into my personal feelings, I felt a stronger connection for Eliana. She, in my opinion, was a much more versatile dancer on the show than Tiffany was, but more importantly, Eliana had stronger emotional prowess when it came to the story or plot of the dance routines she performed.  In a more simpler fashion, I can say that Eliana had more of that “special something” which all dancers strive to achieve.  Something like this cannot possibly be described objectively, as various viewers obviously prefer different emotional appeals than other viwers.  My brain considered Eliana Girard more of a star, which is why I was elated when Cat Deeley (the host of the show) crowned Eliana ‘America’s Favorite Female Dancer’.

Moving on to the males of the competition, one of the remaining finalists was Cyrus Spencer, an “animator” (in layman’s terms, he is really good at dancing things such as ‘the robot’.  He has uncanny ability to control and relax his muscles.  It’s very difficult to explain, really.) The other male dancer left in the competition was Chehon (pronounced Key-on) Wespi-Tschopp, a classically trained ballet dancer originally from Zurich, Switzerland.  Just to throw my opinion out there right at this moment, I was rooting for Chehon because, as I felt with Eliana, I viewed Chehon as a much more versatile, able dancer than Cyrus.  Cyrus has had no formal training in any dance style, and, to be frank, this was revealed very obviously during his routines which were of lyrical or ballroom style.  To be fair, Cyrus has a very charming, widely-appealing personality, and his desire to learn as much about other styles of dance as he possibly can was very warming to my heart.  However, I believe America made the right decision in crowning Chehon ‘America’s Favorite Male Dancer’.  Even though Chehon perhaps had some struggles with conveying the emotion of his earlier pieces, his leaps, his pirouettes, his pointed feet, his devotion to the art of dance slowly but surely pushed him to the forefront of America’s television screens.  Particularly later in the competition, Chehon had many breakthrough routines, such as his tango and his contemporary piece choreographed by Tyce Diorio, which allowed Chehon to break through the emotional wall that prevented him from effectively conveying emotion in his earlier pieces on the show.

Long story short, America made the right decision in crowning Eliana and Chehon ‘America’s Favorite Male and Female Dancer’.