The Little Things That Amaze Us

As humans, we are capable of many a grand thing.  From constructing the pyramids to sending a man to the moon, we have accomplished great deeds far and wide – and yet, we are very curious creatures…very curious creatures indeed.  One of our traits which perhaps will always be the most perplexing is our oddball fascination to the quirky, the unique, the strange; even if something if only slightly out of the ordinary, we immediately notice.  Among the quirky, the unique, and the strange, are what the internet deems “perfectly timed” photos.  These are photos, that, according to the internet, meet at least two of the following three conditions:

1.)  The picture was taken at the perfect place.

2.)  The picture was taken at the perfect time.  

3.)  The picture was taken at the perfect angle.


Again,  two of these three conditions are met, the picture is considered “perfectly timed”.  Many times, these photos are of perfectly ordinary things – a flower, the sky, an airplane, a rock formation, etc.  And yet, because of our wonderful brains and the wacky things they do, we notice something in these photographs that make us laugh, smile, cry, or go “aww”, or perhaps a combination of all those.  I’m no brain surgeon, but I’d venture to say that the process takes up many areas of the brain:  we first see the picture through the occipital lobe, at the back of our brain.  Then, our reflexes after seeing the photo occur primarily due to the brain stem.  Then, our frontal lobe processes both our emotional response and reasoning of the photo.  All in all, this really isn’t anything that spectacular – after all, our brains go through oceans of information everyday just to keep all of us functioning.  But the multi-faceted nature of these pictures is quite spectacular…I feel as though I’ve been ranting on and on for quite a while, so instead of me continuing to rant, how about we look at a few pictures?

I came across this website a while ago.  The web page simply says, “The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever.”   The first one is of the Olympic Rings symbol, with the moon behind it.  The processing our brain does immediately lets us see that the moon is in quite the coincidental position: in happens to be just so in line with the rings as to be in the theoretical position of a sixth ring.  And that, I believe, is why this photo and the rest of them are so intriguing to us and our brains: the coincidences are just, for lack of a better word, awesome.


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