The Bad Part(s) About Working Out

Working out.  In other words, some form of physical exercise designed to improve muscle mass or induce weight loss, or some combination of the two.  Or at least SOME form of physical exercise.  Everyone knows that it is physically good for you, and Mayo Clinic also stresses its mental and psychological benefits.    Yes, physical exercise may improve your muscle mass.  It may improve your muscle tone.  It may improve your mental state.  It may make you feel less tired.  It may make you feel happier.  It may make even your sex life better.  But all of this is of moot point when one remembers one thing: exercise is routine.

And routines are boring.  The thought of mentally blocking off time periods each day, set aside for physical exercise, is in and of itself a turn-off.  It doesn’t matter if the physical exercise takes a different form each day.  The mere thought of spending organized time doing some sort of organized physical activity each day gets boring.  And when one gets bored, one becomes less motivated to try.  Therefore, the workouts become less effectual, and eventually almost pointless altogether.

Not to mention, most workout routines make the assumption that a person is able-bodied to begin with.  Most workout routines, such as those on T.V., do not take into account persons without use of their legs or persons who are so physically incapable they cannot do basic maneuvers.  The point is, physical workout routines tend to appeal to a very narrow audience, thus limiting their effectiveness.  In order to improve the number of persons working out, workout programs need to be more diversified in order to take into account personal differences between people.  Or, if not diversified, then customizable.  And affordable.

Monetary struggle (a.k.a poverty) is another reason why working out is such a hassle.  Yes, working out may relieve stress, but the thought of coming up with thousands of dollars for state-of-the-art workout equipment is enough to cause stress that can probably outweigh the stress working out relieves.  Speaking of workout equipment, that also is designed for people who already have a certain defined amount of muscle mass.  How is one supposed to workout if they can’t even lift the bar without any weights on it?  This issue is something that the media primarily causes; most of the people who “work out” on T.V. are actually people that are naturally blessed with muscle definition and tone.

Long story short:  Working out sucks.


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