My Comments on the Boston Bombing Tragedy.

As most people in the U.S probably know by now, yesterday, at the finish line of the Boston marathon, at about the 4 hour: 10 minute mark, two explosions went off in the spectator stands as some of the runners were crossing the finish line.  Was it a terrorist attack?  That isn’t certain yet.  What is a deranged American?  That isn’t certain yet.  In fact, there is very little about this bombing that is certain, except for the fact that two bombs went off.  Therefore, this blog will explore some of my thoughts and theories about the bombing yesterday.

First off, I mourn for the three people who lost their lives and I also mourn for the one hundred fourty-four or more people gravely injured.  Any loss of life in such a violent manner is a tragedy – there is no question about that.  But speaking perhaps more objectively for a moment, is this a 9/11?  No.  Is this an Oklahoma bombing-level event?  No.  While this may in fact be an aggressive act of terror, it was not a massacre of any sort.  I’m mostly just saying to clarify the possible mentioning of this as a “Boston massacre.”.  As I said, that would be a false statement.  Was the bombing yesterday a tragedy?  Of course.  A massacre?  Of course not. I don’t really have a set number for what constitutes a “massacre”, but three is certainly not a high enough number.

So, what do I think happened?  Personally, I do not believe this was an act of terrorism from outside the U.S., by Al Qaeda or something like that.  This may be a real stretch of logic, perhaps even a logical fallacy, but given that the Boston marathon was done in order to benefit the families who lost family members in the Sandy Hook shootings, my most reasonable conclusion that I can come up with off the top of my head is that the person (or persons) who laid the bomb was an angry American, probably pro-gun, that was bothered by the recent discussions in the U.S. law system about tougher gun laws.  I know, that’s a very basic comparison, but given that it’s hard to even be objective about the situation at this moment, that is the best I can do.

So, instead of spending any more time discussing my theories, I will let the CIA and the government do that for me.  I’ll just stick to being the weeping, sad, patriotic American that is upset about such a tragedy.


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