Even More Stress.

As if my life isn’t stressful enough (and I’m sure all of my readers know that), this week is the week of the school musical, of which I am a part.  Given my class workload and my other activities, this causes a big, huge, major, craptastical issue for me: I’m here from seven in the morning to ten at night every day this week.  FIFTEEN HOURS OF SCHOOL.  A DAY.  This essentially means that I am living at school.  And why is this an issue?  While many teachers are aware of the school musical, they are not aware of the physical and emotional toll that the combination of the lack of time and loads of homework take on students that are in the musical.  It’s not like I can just do my homework offstage; I have to constantly be vigilant and prepared, knowing when and where I go onstage next.  Therefore, I am relegated to sitting in my ricketing reclining chair, until well past midnight, attempting to tackle the piles and piles of homework that I can only pretend to actually do decently.  Since I always wake up at 5:30 in the morning (and I cannot change this time since it takes me this long to get ready to be at school by seven), this causes a great lack of sleep.  I’m pretty sure I’ve already posted a statistic on this blog that teenagers need at least, bare minimum, eight hours of sleep a night, but preferably ten or more, if possible.  This week, I will probably be getting less than six hours of sleep a night, based on my average homework load of about three to four hours.  But there’s even more to this: I don’t have even a job.  If I had a job, there’s no way in hell my homework would get done.  And then,  I’d fail my classes.

A possible counterargument I see to this is: why not just quite the musical?  Well, seeing as I am a named character, that just unfortunately isn’t possible.  Not to mention, while I’m not trying to brag, I am one of the strongest voices in the musical.  Therefore, the show would be significantly worse without me.  The much better alternative for this situation would be for teachers to be more understanding about the work input that a musical requires, and be more lenient on those students the week the musical does its shows.


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