Depression.  It affects more than 21 million children and adults in the U.S annually.  Why exactly is it such a big issue, especially in the United States?  What adverse effects does it cause?  Considering I’m starting to slip into it myself, let’s explore.

According to the above link, the lost productivity of workers with depression in the U.S. averages a cost of about $31 billion annually.  So, depression is not just something that is in peoples’ minds; rather it is also in their pocketbooks and their savings accounts and their tax returns, affecting monetary thingiemajigs there.

Secondly, depression, as people know, often leads to suicide.  And, according to that link, in 2004, suicide was the eleventh leading cause of death in the United States.  (I know that is an old statistic.  But I’m going to assume the number has not changed much since then, or if it has changed, it most likely has increased).  It is kind of difficult for workers to be productive when the only thing they can complete is whether or not they can make it through another day.

Thirdly, interestingly enough, according to the link, their 2007 survey, conducting using four different measures, calculated that Iowa was the “fourth least depressed state” in the United States.  That’s just depressing in and of itself, that I live in a state with a bunch of happy people, or least people that aren’t regularly experiencing episodes of depression.  How am I supposed to be productive when everyone’s too busy smiling and whistling and not helping me understand my own depression?

Fourthly, also interesting, the study also reported that, the lower number of people in a state that had trouble affording healthcare cost, the lower the depression rate, and subsequently, the suicide rate.  Since I am a meager teenager with little experience in politics or economics, so I don’t quite understand how healthcare exactly works, but I am intelligent enough to understand that not being able to be healthy is ample cause for depression.  In fact, if you’re depressed, you might actually be causing a vicious circle: you need healthcare to help solve the health issues related to your depression, but you can’t afford the healthcare, for you get more depressed, and then you need that healthcare all the more, etc., etc., etc.

Lastly, I would just like to thank you all for putting up with my ranting about depression.  It really does truly make me feel better, and more secure, in the world.  Thank you.



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