The Big Bang Theory.

In case it hasn’t become noticeable by now, I am a rather big fan of watching T.V. shows.  But fear not, readers, I am not one of those people that watches Dancing With the Stars and only that.  No, I am also a rather big fan of the show The Big Bang Theory.  

One night, when I came home from school, weary and stressed out, I decided to lay myself down on my sofa and watch some T.V.  All of a sudden, I heard the oddest song: “In our whole universe…in a hot dense, state, nearly 14 million years ago..”.  At first, I was somewhat off-put by the theme song, but very quickly I warmed up to it.  But then, the real magic happened.  I remember exactly what episode it was – the one where Raj (the Indian guy), Leonard (the “sidekick” of the show) and Howard (a creepy Jewish guy) went camping in the woods.  What immediately drew me to the show was the audacity, and yet also the personal relatability, of its characters.  Admittedly, I am somewhat of a nerd myself, so the frank manner in which these “nerdy” characters could make fun of themselves was greatly amusing to me.  But all of the actors just seemed so natural – it’s not like they were reading lines.  It appeared more like they were best friends, having natural, by-the-fireside type of conversations.  This was completely different for me, as I was used to seeing the fakeness in an actor’s eyes.

Besides the talent of the actors, the show just makes one feel good.  I was having a rather bad day – in fact, it was probably one of those “I’m  gonna have to cry myself to sleep” type of days.  Within five minutes of watching Sheldon (the main character) argue with Leonard in their oh-so-scientific manners, I was completely chill, calm, forgetful of my fears.  I found an escape, a way to make my pain -my tears – go away.  Perhaps that is the greatest art of The Big Bang Theory – it is an excellent example of escapism.

Watching it now (literally, as I am typing this blog post),  it still has the same attraction, unlike some T.V. shows I’ve watched, that have lost their sparkle over the months (sorry, Glee 😦 ).  The talent of the actors and the feel-good aspect of the show certainly make for an excellent feel-great combination.  If you ever need to turn those tears into a smile, just watch the Big Bang Theory.  Laughter does the body good.


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