Yet Another Failure of the Tabloids…

If you’ve ever seen my blog posts before, you all know that I made a post explaining why tabloids have their worth.  This isn’t the point of this post.  Rather,  I am just highlighting for you all one of the numerous instances in which the tabloids epic failed.  And we shall analyze why it is epic fail.

This is the article. It is a recent one from  Carrie Ann Inaba, a judge on Dancing With the Stars, is explaining her outfit caused her to be “emotional”.  It is a woman, talking about outfits.  Getting emotional.  The tabloids are not giving a story that exemplifies how apt of a judge Inaba is, nor one that even showcases some of her other talents.  No, what they care about is her appearance, her outfit, whether she’s bawling or not.  Just for a slight personal interjection here, this is freaking ridiculous.  Now, anyways…

This article on is just another example of the failure of the Bechdel test.  Notice how Carrie Ann Inaba is the only female judge on the show.  Therefore, she gets less screen time than the than the two male judges combined.  From personal experience of many times watching Dancing With the Stars, the two male judges, Lenn Goodman and Bruno Tonioli, tend to wear simple suits every night, nothing special, nothing fancy.  But Inaba?  No, every show, her hairstyle has to be different, her wardrobe has to be different, her earrings have to be different, her demeanor has to be different, her amount of crying has to be different, blah blah blah.

It’s as if Inaba is an object of characterization for the viewers (such as me), rather than a competent judge giving objective advice to the competitors on the show.  Of the various comments Inaba has made to performers, a substantial number of them consist of qualifications of the performers’ “emotion” or “story”.  If Inaba does get in a word about the actual dancing, then she usually is talking about taking a point off because a couple did a lift when they weren’t supposed to do one.

But I have digressed long enough.  This blog post isn’t necessarily about the failure of DWTS for portraying a stereotypical female as an incompetent judge.  No, this article is about the epic failure of for posting such an article, instead of defending Inaba’s credentials.  They make too much money, so I really can’t actually do anything to stop them from posting more articles such as this, but, hey, I can still explain why their actions are in the wrong.


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