The Unpopularity.

The kid who sits at the lunch table alone.  The kid that never joins in the conversation.  The kid that doesn’t make friends.  These people are the basis of what I shall term the “unpopularity”.  It seems obvious why one would call them something of such nature.  They aren’t popular.  Well, of course.  But these kids are often misrepresented by T.V. shows, self-help guides, and even video games.  The unpopularity isn’t just a mish-mash of people unsuccessful at delving into the popularity world of high school or other areas of public communication.  Rather, it often actually consists more of people who choose to be unpopular, those who reject the horrendous standards modern society has placed on them.  These people are not lazy.  They are not necessarily “standing up to the man”.  Nor are they necessarily anti-social or bitter-minded people who hate the world.  They simply have better things to do than talk about the latest fashion or the way so-and-so asked so-and-so to the prom.  No, these people are busy formulating solutions to society’s and the world’s problems.  In other words, they are embracing their inner losers.  

So what exactly is the point of saying all of this?  Well, this message is mainly addressed to those who surround themselves with or are perhaps leaders of the “popularity”.  This statement is not true across the board, but overall, those in the popular crowd tend to look down upon those of the unpopularity (this I will take as an assumption that is generally agreed upon).  Perhaps, negatively commenting upon someone’s actions or appearance seems harmless at first.  But the smallest spark can start the biggest fire.  A comment about someone’s weight turns into tears on an unforgiving mattress.  Tears on an unforgiving mattress turn into thoughts.  Thoughts turn into suicidal thoughts.  Suicidal thoughts lead to suicide.  A bit direct and extreme example, maybe, but the point is that, even though general society makes the assumption that general society understands that small actions can hurt and have big consequences, the  general society actually does not, in consensus, share this view.  Society is full of the ignorant, the affluent, and the decadent, who spout words at their lower brethren as if emotions did not exist.  And this has to stop.  To the parents of the ignorant, the affluent, the decadent: teach your children that words really can hurt.  I’m not sure how, but your current methods aren’t working. Get it together, folks.  Become harmonious, or else you shall all fall asunder when justice arrives.


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