Zelda Riddles

A few of my older posts on this site will reveal to you that I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan.  If you have absolutely know clue what that is, it is a video game franchise.  These games tend to me longer, story-driven games, and as such, they are very good games to make riddles about.  I sometimes visit a site called GameFAQs, and on the “Zelda: Wii U” message board, there is a topic about zelda riddles that I often post in.  

Why exactly do I do it?  Well, I love riddles.  Just google “Riddles stimulate the brain” and you’ll get a bunch of hits about brain-stimulating websites.    Riddles in particular help solve the mind-numbing issues video games can occasionally create.  I’m not going to delve into the whole science of why riddles and other brain-teasing games are good for the brain; I’m just going to assume you all agree that riddles are at least somewhat worthwhile.

This is precisely why people telling me that spending my time on internet forums is a waste of time.  I’m not arguing with Sonic fanboys; I’m not debating whether an Ice Sword or a Fire Sword looks cooler on my dragon warrior; I’m not even randomly shouting, “FUS RO DAH!” whenever I can.  No, I’m training my brain and using my video game knowledge to encourage others to use their brain.  By posting on the GameFAQs forum, I am not simply being an internet lurker, trolling the message boards, looking for people to flame.  I’m being a positive contributor to the internet society, and that my friends, is exactly why the ignorance of non-riddlers urks me so very much.

But what is the point of a post on my blog about riddles without any riddles for you to solve yourself?  Now, you’ll only understand these if you’ve played any of the Legend of Zelda games.  If you haven’t, then, well, I can’t help you.  Sorry about that.  But enough of my incoherent blabbering – I’m sure you’re all anxiously waiting on the edge of your seats (or perhaps your comfy armchairs) to read my video game riddles.  So here you go!

Note: the capital letters before the riddles indicate about what video game in the Legend of Zelda franchise the riddle is.


Answer: The fish in the small tank in the Marine Research Lab

A sideshow, not the main attraction;
Help me, and I’ll reward your actions.

Five of my cousins, and my sibling right here,
And I’ll let you have a treasure so dear.
You’ll find them in market, or still at rest,
Or out in the open; all are the best.

Who am I?



Answer: Keaton grass

Just use me like the others, will ya?
Lookin’ for something, you gluttonous bastard?
Well, take all you want,
But you gotta catch me first, Cuz I’m outta here, fool.



Answer: The invisible red rupees atop the Hyrule Castle Town drawbridge

They, an ever-present miracle
Gone amiss by evil’s stain.
The impatient plays the ode
And works them just like slaves.

Befriend them if you will;
Their feeilngs won’t be hurt.
You’ll likely betray them, any way,
To those with souls of dirt.

A miracle, but also ordinary,
Their abode makes them extraordinary.
One must breaks the chains of time,
and not tip the balance
To obtain with them, repeatedly, an audience.


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