Auditions.  Anyone, especially someone lives in the musical theatre, orchestra, choir, band, or general music world knows that with thart single world often comes anxiety, stress, tears, pacing, and maybe even a little vomit, who knows.  Yesterday, I had the experience of auditioning for the Iowa All-State Jazz Choir.  Long story short, I made it after a very long, tiring day.  Now here is the long story:

On Monday afternoon, after school, Moonlight Express met up at 5:00 p.m. to rehearse our songs for the Iowa Jazz Championships, which happened to be held at the same time and place as the All-State Jazz Choir auditions.  It was extremely stressful, because we had to run through our closer five times before Mr. Armstrong was happy with it.  One might think, “That sounds boring, not stressful!”.  Well, when your closer is a high-energy, latin-funk fusion song, each performance gets more and more stressful as you rehearse.  After about an hour and a half of rehearsing, we packed ourselves into school district vans and rode off to Ames.  On the way, we ate some Taco Bell.

Now, I like Taco Bell and everything, but something about it just never sits right with me.  When were in our hotel rooms later that night, the combination of the greasy Tex-Mex and the queasiness I always get from upcoming auditions combined in one glorious vomit session in the hotel bathroom.  Fun, right? So, tip for all you auditioners out there: never eat Taco Bell the day before an important audition.  Or any audition for that matter.

Not to mention I couldn’t sleep.  I was simply tossing and turning all night.  You know, I really wish I could just get hungry when I get nervous, like some people.  But, no, I have to get sick to my stomach.  Lucky me.

And then the audition day arrived all too soon.  I was in the later group to audition, around 10:00 a.m., so I spent a good ten hours just thrasing about my bed.  Now, flash-forward to me outside the audition room.  My palms were sweaty,  my throat was dry, and I really, REALLY had to pee.  The judge kindly ushered me in, and I walked into the room.  After my audition was over, the judge gave me some great comments, telling me I had nothing to worry about.

So, what is the point of me talking about all of this?  You’ve heard it a million times before, but I’ll tell you again.  Don’t sweat auditions.  They’re not that big of a deal.  I mean, they can be a big deal, but freaking out will only make that deal bigger.  So, stop freaking out! 🙂


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