The Misinterpretation of Foods

As we all know, the media sometimes tends to portray things a certain way that, in reality, is in no way true whatsoever.  One classic example is the placement and belonging of various consumer products, such as food.  Commercials often spin statistics one way or another so that the true healthiness (or lack thereof) of the food mentioned on the commercial is hidden.  Let’s find a few examples of unhealthy foods being portrayed as healthy, shall we?

Poptarts Cherry final HR Pop Tarts Pop Art

Exhibit A:  Poptarts.  On (where you can buy anything, even food), Poptarts are under the “Breakfast Foods” section.  Why? I don’t understand why.  And I’ll tell you why I don’t understand why.  Poptarts are a densely processed food, laced with processing chemicals (basically, anything that sounds like something you’d hear in chemistry class), and positively packed with sugar.  Source: the blessed nutrition label. Or your tastebuds.  Either of those works.  Now, sure,  a little sugar in the morning is often encountered, say, with your orange juice, or that apple, or maybe in your brown-sugar flavored oatmeal.  But Poptarts…Poptarts are just different. They’re a pasty.  A sugary, processed, pastry.  In reality, one should label them more of as a snack or as a dessert than a breakfast food.  Now, let’s assume for a minute that most people in the U.S are looking to lose weight, and they’re trying to find ways to cut calories in their foods.  Now, two scrambled eggs clocks in at only about 140 calories, and is filled with protein.  But two Poptarts (let’s use strawberry-flavored as our base): 400 calories, and THIRTY-TWO grams of sugar.  Now, the USDA technically has not placed specific recommendations on daily sugar intake as of yet, but even common sense can tell anyone that THIRTY-TWO grams of sugar is quite a lot.  In fact, it makes my pancreas hurt just looking at that number.

Exhibit B: Kashi ™ Summer Berry Granola.  Today (the tv network/show) recently posted an article with the truth about the naughty cereal from the alleged “angel” brand.  This particular cereal has eighteen grams of sugar per cup – let’s be real here, most of us don’t eat just one measly cup of cereal if we’re hungry in the morning.  Even if this sugar does happen to be coming mostly from fruit (which is not a proven fact), the number is still off-putting.  Not to mention, according to Today, the Summer Berry Granola has 14.5 of fat per cup! Now, a majority of that is unsaturated fat, but to most consumers, fat is fat, and fat is undesirable, and undesirability equals not buying the food.  Long story short is, this healthy brand is promoting a rather unhealthy food.  So, choose another cereal instead, not this desserty, sugar-packed, fat-packed bowl of badness.


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