Everyone knows that being suck isn’t fun.  Whether it’s the flu, a cold, a stomach bug, or anything else, sickness makes us feel weak, tired, and unwilling to do anything.  Take this blog for example.  The last thing I wanted to do on this Sunday (the day after a show choir competition where I didn’t get home until 1 a.m., no less) was wake up and write blogs for a class.  What I really should be doing is resting, drinking lots of water, and not exerting myself.  But let me say it for all of us – blogs can be exerting, not necessarily in a physical way such as playing in the NFL, but mentally exerting.  I think it’s safe assume that each our desires to think and use brain power diminishes drastically when we can feel snot cascading down our throats.  I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  But I don’t think so.

Unfortunately, I’m also planning on going to school tomorrow.  Really, the ideal thing would be to stay home and, again, rest and drink water and whatnot, but doing so would make me miss too much.  All of my classes give oceans of homework every night, and I truly don’t feel like drowning  (a feeling none of us would enjoy, I’m sure). Sure, some teachers extend due dates for sick students or give them make-up work or whatever else works in the situation, but the idea of feeling behind is one that inevitably leads to stress and “freak-outs”.

Even encourages those sick with something like the flu to stay home.  This site is quite beneficial, at least in my mind, for it reinforces all of the basic steps to curing the flu that all of us think we know but do not actually remember.  For example, one of the areas that really attracted my attention was the section where they talk about treating the flu without medication.  Water is not the only clear fluid that help ease the severity of flu symptoms.  According to, other clear fluids such as broth, sports drinks, or other drinks with electrolytes can also ease symptoms such as dehydration.  Another suggestion which I have neglected to follow or remember is using a humidifier.  I don’t know why I’ve neglected to do such a thing – all one has to do is fill the thing up with water and press the ON button.

I advise all of you to take a look at this site, especially is you are infected or ill with something.  Feel better soon!


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