I am feeling in a kind of artsy, free-flow-y mood today, so I think some poetry is in order.  I call this spontaneous poetry, as I’m thinking of the first thing that pops into my head.

Ocean Blues

Somewhere, beneath the ocean blue

A whale, fish, and a turtle, too

Mozy about their aquatic ways

Doing little but spend their days

Relaxing in cool water

Maybe taking a drink or three –

Well, except the whale

A drink of air is what he would need.

One day, they saw a shark –

A beefy barracuda at that!

The turtle had a meltdown

And ran away like a rat.

The others remained still

And looked it in the eye,

and spat in its direction –

Well, at least they tried.

Threatened it was not,

and so the barracuda came –

faster, faster still –

Like the downpour of a rain.

Frightened as they were,

The fish and whale stood together,

And refused to leave the scene,

to evade the stormy weather.

The barracuda continued to charge,

but the others did not fret,

for, floating from the surface

came a graceful, pretty net.

The ‘cuda became entangled

And said, “Help, me please!”

But the fish and whale refused

As they were finally free.

Flash forward a few years later,

and the children come along.

It’s a mystery how it happened,

but to the fish and whale they belong.

They like to tell the story

To their children of the blue,

That they bravely fought the ‘cuda,

Though they know this isn’t true.

Deep inside somewhere,

There’s a kind of guilt they get.

It’s one only feels

When filled with regret.

And somewhere, above the surface,

there’s a happy man

with a fish on his plate

and no guilt on his hands.

I know, this first-draft poem probably seems somewhat immature and uninspired.  But at least I’m trying something I haven’t accomplished in a long time.  But hey, trying to expand on my creativity is a good thing, right? (This is somewhat of a distant connection but whatever) After all, many people, such as Roger Martin of the Harvard Business Review, are pushing for more creativity in jobs.  These days, employers aren’t looking simply for people that have the best resumé or fill out a checklist of requirements.  They’re looking for people that can innovate the workpace, that can invogorate their coworkers with fresh ideas, that can inspire the world with their minds.


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