More Bleh on Homework

The value of homework has often been questioned by various sorts of people, from the children who abhor it to the experts who do the research on it. Yesterday, I was at a show choir competition for the entire today, neglecting to do any of the homework I brought along. Just from a personal standpoint, I can never concentrate on homework when I’m with sixty other loud people, using hairspray, playing ping-pong, congregating in the homeroom. It just doesn’t work. Therefore, this leads me to a rather serious issue. I’m now stuck up in the hole called my house for ththe is entire Sunday, forced to complete the mountains of homework I did not have time (and I mean that seriously) to during the week. Take, for example, this blog post. I didn’t bring a computer along to the show choir competition, as I knew it would get stolen or something along those lines. Now, I’m sitting in this uncomfortable chair, trying in my brain to come up with four hundred meaningful words to fill up this blog post so that I can accurately answer on my blog check that I indeed did put four hundred words in this blog. Well, yeah, I’m going to try, but I’m telling you right now that that isn’t going to happen.

And what is the value of all this homework I’m doing? Let’s start with this blog post. I’m never going to use this blog after this godforsaken AP Lang class. And don’t give me the whole speel of, “Oh, it’s such a great way to connect with the world!”. Screw that, I have a working cell phone.

Or what about those three AP US History worksheets I have to do? They don’t help me learn anything. I just fill in the blanks so I can get all the points. I might memorize some useful info for a test, such as the AP Exam, but then I forget it all afterwards as soon as I don’t need to know it.

Or maybe this advanced precalculus homework? I admit, this class is probably the one I need the most practice in, so a practice worksheet is actually not SUCH a bad idea. However, the examples of the story problems on the worksheet are very uninspired, and sound like a fetus came up with them.

I’m sick and tired of spending my Sundays slaving away for my teachers, just for them to lecture me and give me more homework as soon as I see their faces again.



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