Tea (Decaffeinated and Green, Por Favor)

I am sixteen years old. I am a teenager. I am a sixteen-year-old teenager living in the United States of America. According to Kick The Can.info, the average American drinks 45 gallons of sugary drinks a day, with teenagers often ranking above that number. Sugary drinks, by my definition, mainly represents soda, but also includes energy drinks such as Monster. These sugary drinks have long been a problem in our diets, and there is increasing evidence of what they can actually do to our bodies, for example:

Drinking sugary beverages increases a person’s risk for both diabetes and heart disease. People who drink even one or two sugary drinks per day have 27% higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and a 20% higher risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Over the last decade, an estimated 130,000 cases of diabetes developed because of sugary drink consumption.

– Kick the Can.info

The obvious assumption being made here is that diabetes and heart disease are bad things, which I believe we can all consider a true fact. The horribleness of sugary drinks such as soda and energy drinks is the main reason why I would recommend drinking tea over sugar drinks – especially decaffeinated green tea.

First of all, why green tea over regular tea? Well, green tea contains these wonderful little things called antioxidants, which do wonders for us. Livestrong.com recently came out with an article in agreement, saying that “These powerful antioxidants scavenge free radical compounds that can tamper with your DNA, attack your cells, increase your risk of getting certain types of cancer and speed the aging process. Green tea is also thought to protect your body from environmental toxins from pollution, cigarette smoke and dangerous UV rays from the sun.”

All kinds of tea, in general, also contain much less sugar than sugary drinks do (well, obviously). And lowering one’s sugar intake can help with a number of things, including reducing the number of cavities one has, balancing one’s energy levels, regulating sleep patterns, etc., etc. Surely we all enjoy paying less at the dentist and being able to sleep more regularly.

But I suppose I must return to my main point, that I recommend decaffeinated green tea over sugary drinks such as soda and energy drinks. Second of all, why decaffeinted? Well, this point is more specific, towards people (such as me) that care about their voices. Caffeine is what’s called a diuretic, meaning it is a substance that drains the body of fluids, in this instance, fluids that lubricate the vocal chords. Therefore, it can make the voice dry, rough, and scratchy, which can be harmful in many professions, including singers, politicians, public speakers, teachers, news anchors, radio hosts, etc. The members of singingtipsblog.com agree, saying that “[C]affeine…can dehydrate the voice, causing your folds to feel very dry and scratchy.” Long story short, if your job or profession involves speaking loudly and clearly to a large number of people, then the last thing you need is a dry, scratchy voice that is difficult to not only project but also to understand. Therefore, decaf green tea, people. Drink it. Be well.


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