Acne = Time = Stress = Acne = Time…

Acne. Everyone know what it is, and no one likes it. Well, no one that’s sane, anyways. Acne is a skin condition that produces pimples, or “zits”, on the skin, often on the face. According to PubMed Health, acne occurs most often during adolescence, but can occur in the adult life stages as well. Because of this, acne causes a multitude of problems. Just for kicks and giggles, I’ll use myself as an example. If I was not forced to wash my face everyday, and use special creams, and take special pills and whatnot, my daily morning routine would be a good ten minutes shorter than it currently is. You see, one of my special face creams requires me to wait five minutes after washing my face with a cleanser before I can put the cream on. So, I have to stand there, for five minutes, doing nothing but letting the smelly chemicals burn my skin. This example helps proves my point that acne wastes time. But not only do people with acne have to spend time dealing with it in their own bathrooms. Oh no, sometimes they have to go to dermatologist appoints too, and get checkups. Sometimes they have to fret about it in school or at work, worried about what their peers will think of their acne problems. Therefore, acne is a constant, daily issue, sapping away minutes here and there, seconds here and there, until it all adds up and one feels like his or her entire life is controlled by acne. And do you know what this feeling causes? Stress. A whole lot of it. And if I’m sure of one thing in life, it’s that stress is NOT fancy. But I suppose I should back up a bit and explain why a lack of time in our lives is stressful to begin with. If we don’t have free time, then we can’t do things we enjoy, and instead have to spend time doing things we don’t. It’s that simple. As a hypothetical example, say you have bad acne. Instead of having a decent,maybe even enjoyable breakfast when you wake up, you have to spend time washing and cleaning your face to make sure your friends won’t think you’re hideous. One could argue that you just have to wake up earlier, but then you lose sleep, and then you become tired and cranky (but that’s an entirely different topic altogether). If the acne was gone, then your whole life would seem much freer and more open to opportunity. But no, acne remains a thorn in your side, sapping away your time, causing you stress, causing you more acne.


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