Analyzing a Ford Fusion Ad

2010 Ford Fusion Ad

So, I was bored out of my mind, sitting here reading old online articles, when I saw this ad for the 2010
Ford Fusion on my sidebar. Strangely enough, what intrigued me about it was the ad’s use of ethical, emotional, and logical appeals (AP Lang nerd, huh?) This ad appeals to ethics in its statements of “41 MPG” and “The Most Fuel-Efficient”. The ad describes values in which many potential customers would likely be interested. These statements intrigue the audience, both due to their informational value and their large print size. The “Most Fuel-Efficient” statement In particular seems to be what the ad is banking on. It’s somewhat harder to find the ad’s appeal to emotions; perhaps it can be found in the word “hybrid” or “Midsize Sedan in America”. The majority of people tend to associate the word “hybrid” with something that is healthy for the environment. The environment is certainly something for which many humans have strong emotional convictions. The words “Midsize Sedan” imply room for a family or at least a large amount of people, which could call to mind the joyful emotions of a family road trip. And of course, the ad definitely appeals to logic; it makes perfect sense to drive a fuel-efficient car. After all, who would want to pay more money than he or she needs to for gasoline?
Overall, the ad is very straightforward. It has some sense of aggressiveness, which can be seen with the command “Drive one,” written in the upper right-hand corner. The ad almost seems to demand the buyer to buy one – it’s as if it’s saying, “Buy one or you’re a bad person!” Perhaps the ad is implying that those who do not drive Ford Fusions are polluting and ruining the earth. The words “in America” are also important; these words give us the specific audience for the ad, which would be American consumers. This can lead us to the conclusion that American consumers who drive a Ford Fusion will be the leaders in saving the environment, according to the advertisement. The Ford logo, which its fancy lettering, provides a connotation of sophistication and elegance, implying that driving a Ford car is not only good for the environment but also classy and affordable.
The photo strengthens that connotation. The only real object in the photo is the car; it looks shiny, with a “cool” color, and is positioned at an angle to make it look especially sleek and smooth. Lastly, the white background serves as contrast, forcing our eyes to focus on the car even more.
In conclusion, we can make this thesis about the messages of this 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid advertisement: The 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid ad focuses mainly on the environmental benefits of driving a Ford Fusion, namely its high gas mileage. However, it also implies that the Ford Fusion is classy, sleek, and affordable, being the popular choice in addition to its environmental benefits.


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