Why Are We Not Scared?

So, it’s the middle of a school lockdown procedure (due to the events in Newtown, Connecticut), and while I should be in a safe position, being quiet, I instead am chatting with my friends at my table whilst blogging. This seems like an odd situation. You may ask, why does that matter? It’s just a practice lockdown. The thing is, these lockdown practices need to be taken seriously, because we need to be prepared to live in case of a real intruder. We need to be ready. This is why it bothers me that half of the students in the room are laughing and giggling and listening to their iPods. If a real intruder were to walk in the room, would they have a fast enough reaction time to dodge a bullet? Would they be quick enough to live? The answer is no. What we should be doing now is cowering for our dear lives and praying to Jesus that our chests don’t get riddled with wounds caused by an M64.

Another thing that bothers me is the shortness of this practice lockdown procedure. It only lasted fifteen minutes. A real gunman in a school would be a problem that would take much longer than fifteen minutes to solve. This is a big school, and the gunman could peruse his way through the school for several hours before he could potentially get caught. Not to mention the fact that we’d all be frozen in fear for a really long time.


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