Old T.V Shows

Sitting on my recliner chair, typing this blog, chilling, relaxing, etc., I am watching an episode of Friends on TBS. Normally, I am not a fan of 1990s T.V shows. Often times they come off as too comical or melodramatic or absurd for my tastes. For example, I’m somewhat bothered by the cheesiness of The Nanny, which is the only decent T.V show that is on while I’m doing my homework (late at night). However, in terms of the show Friends, I’m somewhat unsure what to expect, as I’ve never seen the show before. Many of my closest friends actually enjoy the show, as I am intellectually similar to my best friends, so I figured, hey, I might enjoy it too. Well, it turns out I was wrong. Friends is cheesy, comical, melodramatic, and absurd all in one. In other words, Friends perfectly represents the 1990s T.V show stereotype present in my head. And yet, as it is afternoon on a weekday, like The Nanny, I am forcing myself to watch it, as it is the only decent thing on (no, I do not consider The Jerry Springer Show decent).

Since Friends is a show so representive of the 1990s, I can presume that much of the 1990s was cheesy, melodramatic, comical, and absurd. Perhaps my nostalgia has marred the minds of my friends (my older friends, anyways), and is making them view Friends subjectively rather than objectively. But I suppose, now that I’ve said that, I should explain why my view is more objective. First of all, as I’ve said, I’ve never seen the show before. Therefore, I have little to no preconceptions of what the show should be like, other than what my friends have told me. Second of all, the show Friends uses several trite metaphors and jokes, such as, “I gotta face the music”, or “I gotta grin and bear it”. Oh, and let’s not forget the frequency with which the show abuses drinking as a means of entertainment. How is that original? How is that funny? How is that enjoyable? The truth is, it’s not. And since the show is unenjoyable, it should not be watched. You know, I could be doing something useful right now besides watching Friends. You know, something righteous, like helping end world hunger or fighting the global spread of AIDS. But no, I’m at home, watching Friends, all because my friends said it would be a good idea.


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