How Utterly Useless (A Certain Part of) Facebook has Become

So, Facebook used to be that social networking site that allowed you to see pictures of what your friends have been up to, that site that allowed you to read about interesting events in your friends’ social lives, and even that site that helped you reconnect with lost friends from elementary school or something along those lines. These features have not necessarily disappeared from Facebook, but unfortunately, nowadays Facebook seems to be clogged with “fan pages” that link to pictures that usually say trite (rarely intuitive) sayings or quips about life in general. In other words, Facebook is slowly turning into a sort of Memebase or Reddit, with the guise of still being a respectable social networking site. It wouldn’t be a personal problem, except for the fact that I have to spend a good fifteen minutes to even find a post that’s from one of my Facebook friends rather than a post from one of these fan pages.

You could simply responds, “Why don’t you just un-fan the fan pages?” That does seem likely a dandy solution. But these Facebook fan pages have a way of cohorting. What I mean by this is, five or so different fan pages will post the same picture and the same time, or even multiple pictures at the same time, as if they have been planning to piss me off the next time I check my Facebook. So even if I remove my connection from half of my fan pages, I’ll still be seeing the same useless, uninspiring photos. To be honest, I do not know much about how computer viruses or spam bots work, but the fact that several Facebook fan pages often post the same picture at the same time, with the same caption, bothers me. It appears as though the original creators of the fan pages have somehow given up control of the fan pages to a virus or a spam bot. What really irks me is how often times, the picture or photo has NOTHING to do with the topic of the fan page. A few examples from my Facebook news feed: The title of the fan page is, “I Missed Your Call By a Second, I Call Right Back and You Don’t Answer!”, and the title of the photo is, “Spectacular Shots of Mountain Reflections”; The title of the fan page is, “I was awake at midnight on 01/01/2010”, and the title of the photo is, “Spectacular Photoshop Fail!”; and the title of the fan page is, “Shouting random numbers when someone’s trying to count!”, and the title of the photo is, “Girl wtf was that” (unfortunately, I can’t link to the photo…). I think you see my point. This growing disease of Facebook is beginning to piss me off. It serves no purpose to what Facebook is intended, and needs to be solved in some way another (and no, as I already stated, simply un-fanning the pages won’t work.)


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