And Lindsay Lohan Continues to Devolve…

As if she hasn’t caused enough trouble to the world and its inhabitants, Lindsay Lohan appears to be at it again, with the whole I-don’t-know-what-the-laws-are routine. It’s quite pathetic, really. Supposedly her latest legal troubles involve booze, a car, and some random chick with which Lindsay got into a fight.

To start with the fighting altercation, according to TMZ, fortune teller Tiffany Mitchelll approached Lohan inside the club “Avenue” early last Thursday morning to do a reading. Lindsay supposedly turned the fortune teller down. A while later, Lohan’s group of people notified her that the fortune teller’s friends had stolen Lohan’s purse. Lohan “angrily confronted” the fortune teller, calling Mitchell a “gypsy” and demanding the purse back. Supposedly, the fortune teller is accusing Lohan of punching her in the face. Lohan completely denies this.

As if that isn’t shocking enough for you, take this little number into account. According to CBS News, Lindsay Lohan was recently charged with being involved in a car crash on a California coastal highway earlier this year. More specifically, she was charged with “willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer in the course of duty; providing false information to an officer; and reckless driving.” (CBS News). And this by far is not the first of Lohan’s car troubles. In fact, her car issues span back to at least 2006.

If this still isn’t bad enough for you, please consider that Lindsay is drinking as many as two liters of vodka a day. The Daily Mail also laments about her unfortunate drinking habits, labeling her the “Two-Liters-of-Vodka-a-Day drinker”. Keeping it short and to the point, anyone drinking two liters of vodka a day is a safe human being (assuming of course they have the average human alcohol tolerance).

Despite the mounting evidence against her, Lindsay Lohan still insists she does not need rehab to become a healthy, sane individual. Her logic? That she has recently made three movies, such as “Liz & Dick”. Liz & Dick was a Lifetime movie which essentially flopped, according to critics such as Ken Tucker. Even Lindsay’s closest friends insist she go to rehab; potentially, they argue, it could win her favor with the judge before her impending probation violation.

Sorry, miss Lindsay Lohan, but the jig is up. Stop the denial. Stop the pretending ignorance. You need help, and you need to get it as fast as possible. Let’s just hope you don’t crash on the way to the rehab center.


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