The Epitome of Unfanciness: Stress

Stress. We all feel it. From deciding what to wear in the morning to deciding whether or not to go to bed at a reasonable time, we all must make decisions constantly throughout our day. Decisions cause stress. Therefore, it is very reasonable for many of us to feel stressed every waking minute of our lives. To be frank, stress is horrible. It is far from “fancy”, often times causing “…headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety…” (

). Particularly concerning among these ailments is depression. Dissidents will always provide refusals and rebuttles to our decisions. None of us (that is, of course, assuming we are all typical human beings) ever want to feel wrong. And being wrong can take on many forms. First off, a person with whom we are engaging in conversation with can refute a suggestion of ours. “Hey, let’s go to the park!” “No, I don’t think so. That doesn’t sound like a good idea.” While somewhat of a primitive example, rejection in essence serves as a primary causation of stress.

Another form of being wrong is simply failing tests of knowledge. Many of us like to pretend that we don’t care about education or test scores, but, in reality, seeing that giant crimson F on a paper or examination is never enjoyable. Even worse is seeing the pain and anguish on our parents’ faces when they see our terrible grades in a subject. This is so much worse because even worse than friends or family rejecting us is our parents thinking lowly of us. Every week, we hear the chants pounding in our heads, “A! A! A! B is for below average!” and anything less than perfection is considered trash and unworthy for the eyes of society.

The worst thing about stress, however, is not the various forms it can take, such as rejection or failing tests of knowledge. No, the absolute worst trait of stress is its omniprescence. Stress is not like happiness, which is like a flower that only blooms once in a while. Stress is not like anger, which is like a seasonal thunderstorm. Stress is king. Stress is God, or perhaps even more powerful than God. Few things rule our lives quite like stress does. And the consistency in which stress pervades our lives turns it not into a simple problem with a simple solution, but rather into an impenetrable fortress where the struggling sILY lives of prisoners are never made better.


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