Dancing With the…Who?

If anyone has ever seen the ABC TV show Dancing With the Stars, he or she might know a few of the “stars” on it. And yet, it seems as if every year ABC has trouble reeling in substantial “big” names, so the producers instead decide to enlist random celebrities that few people have either heard of or care about. Foregoing contemporary, relevant Hollywood stars, the show seems to enjoy investing in has-beens and have-nots.

Let’s begin with a very irrelevant woman named Bristol Palin. The daughter of the infamous Sarah Palin, Bristol has essentially done nothing worthwhile in her life except get knocked up by her boyfriend. It shames me to even admit that, in today’s popular culture, getting pregnant before your twenties appears to be a sure way to obtain fame and riches. According to an LA Times blogpost, Bristol finished third on Season Eleven of Dancing with the Stars, despite earning low ratings from judges. Why any viewer would vote for a thick-skulled imbecile like Bristol is beyond me. Anyways, back to the point, Bristol Palin has not done much to contribute effectively to society. And yet, she continues to receive undeserved attention from social media. In fact, Bristol Palin even earned a spot on Dancing with the Stars‘s Season Fifteen, the “All-Star” season. Thankfully, her second time around was much briefer than the first time.

I could also discuss Holly Madison, who was a contender on Season Eight of Dancing With the Stars. Holly Madison is what one might consider an ‘actress’, although it probably would be much wiser to simply label her a Playboy Bunny. Yes, that’s right. A Playboy. Bunny. The fact that Dancing With the Stars had to resort to hiring a Playboy Bunny to fulfill its casting requirements makes me ill. Is this to what America has really fallen, being content with watching a Playboy Bunny bouncing around a glittery stage every week? Lord help us.

To be fair, Dancing With the Stars does not always make their casts up of entirely irrelevant characters. Occasionally, there is that sparkling gem of hope, that celebrity that actually evokes sympathy and hope from the viewers at home. One (personal) case in point was Gladys Knight, one of the classiest singers of the twentieth century. She competed on Season Fourteen. Despite poor reviews from the judges, Gladys always had a smile on her face and a spring in her step, even when she was eliminated early, finshing eighth on the season. Despite not receiving the deserved recognition from the television audience, Gladys still managed to show a grace that only the older generation has, saying,

“I feel amazing… Coming to ‘DWTS’ kept me where I should be, so I can be a healthy weight-loss person.”


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