Finally, a Post of Enjoyment!

I have come to the realization that the majority of my blog posts, especially those of recent times, have been rather dark and “scary”. In order to maintain that sense of balance between seriousness and humor which most humans share, this post shall be of a more light-hearted nature. Sounds fun, no? Let us begin!

Today, I wish to talk about a favorite website of mine, and that would be Memebase. Memebase, as one could likely deduce from its denotation, is a base of memes. However, this is obviously of no help to someone who does not understand what a meme is. A meme is essentially a picture with text overlayed on top of it – the purpose is to express some form of sarcastic complaint or point about a particular topic. The appeal of memes is their ability to poke fun at just about any topic. This is why I read memebase.

I want to, of course, provide a couple examples of specific memes which I particularly enjoy. The first and foremost one is the “Willy Wonka” meme. The purpose of the Willy Wonka meme is primarly to provide counterarguments (often condescending) to popular social, economic, political, or religious beliefs. As an example:

As one can see, a Willy Wonka meme (it’s official title being “Condescending Wonka” or sometimes “Creepy Wonka”) is designed in a sarcastic manner, often using rhetorical statements to get a point across. In other words, Willy Wonka does not really want one to explain his or her problems; he uses the phrase “Please tell me….” in order to reveal the discussed subject’s ignorance.

Another favorite meme of mine happens to be “Overly Attached Girlfriend.” As one can presume from its title, Overly Attached Girlfriend is a photo of a girl with rather creepy-looking eyes, with overlayed text usually describing some sort of stereotypical girlfriend-y sentiment. Since I am obviously not an overly attached girlfriend myself, I believe another example of a meme will better serve my purpose:

See what I mean? Absolutely creepy, I tell you.

As one can tell, memes are one of the most effective ways to provide arguments and sentiments on the nuances of society: they are funny yet informative, quirky yet serious, kind yet slighting. They provide a unique balance to any sort of argument that, say, an essay, or a speech cannot provide. All hail memes! Just joking, that would horrendously absurd.


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