More on the Negativities of Social Media

To anyone who has read this blog before this moment, it is no secret that I despise many of the oppressive, unfortunte qualities of current social media (for example, Facebook, Twitter, or just about any other interactive site on the internet). Social media tends to increase stereotypes, as alluded to my post on yoga pants. Social media tends to turn us into zombies. Social media tends to reduce and limit beneficial interactions between parent and child. However, most importantly, social media brings into reality the dangers of child predators.

This topic came into mind while I was viewing a Katie Couric special last night. In this special, Katie Couric highlighted the inherent correlation between social media (again, tweeting on one’s iPhone, facebooking on a laptop, et cetera). However, this special was not your run-of-the-mill news report, with the news anchor reading scripted lines off of a sheet of paper. This television special was extremely effective. Why? Katie Couric utilizied an impressive list of sources to assert the dangerous connection of social media and child predators. Katie Couric had personal information – she herself is a mother of a teenage daughter – and outside information; among the members of the audience were child sex predator experts; and as for the critical sources, Katie Couric interviewed three child sex predators and asked for their views of various nasty subjects related to child sex predators.

Unfortunately, as I did not record the show, my specific details will be somewhat scant – sorry about that. But anyways, Couric interviewed three child predators : one of them was a college professor in his 50s; one of them was a 45-year-old man looking to have sex with underage teen girls; and the third was only 23-years-old, who set up a web site to entice girls into sharing nude or scandalous photos of themselves.

These child predators were not cautious as to their details. All of them openly admitted their apparent attraction to underage teenagers. All of them spoke with fluency and confidence in their voices when they so openly orated their personal encounters with child pornography and sexual intercourse with underage teens. And all of them gave similar advice to the parents of underage teens: RUN.

The candor of these three child sex predators absolutely shocked me. In this case, it is apparent that even child predators (obviously the common sources of child pornography and child predator-ing) are unable to, or perhaps do not even wish to, provide real, chilling details about the horrible child sex predator epidemic in the United States. If I were a teenager’s parent, I would take their advice: Get rid of the iPhones. Get rid of Facebook. Get rid of Twitter. Don’t trust anyone. And, of course, if worst comes to worst – RUN.


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