Celebrities And Their Astounding Lack of Driving Ability

Justin Bieber gets a speeding ticket.  Amanda Bynes involves herself in multiple car accidents and the police impound her car.  Lindsay Lohan suspected of DUIs.  Throughout the years, celebrity figures in popular culture have been infamous for their vehicular issues.  What is the deal with celebrities and their inability to drive  a car?  Let us get down to the details and facts of this rather puzzling concept.

First and foremost, I personally belive the main reason why celebrities have several troubles concerning cars and driving is simply because many celebrities believe they are invincible.  They have immense personal wealth and large mansions that have the ability to hold tens of cars.  For example, Justin Bieber was driving a chrome Fisker Karma when he got a speeding ticket – a rather expensive car if I do say so myself.  Interestingly to note, in this case, Justin Bieber and the Dennis Zine, Los Angeles city councilman, cited the paparazzi as an excuse for Bieber driving at one hundred miles per hour.  Perhaps the paparazzi did truly threaten Bieber and were the main cause of his reckless driving.  This, however, still does not vindicate Justin Bieber for his actions.  To keep it short, driving at one hundred miles per hour is reckless and dangerous to those drivers around you – no matter how much your personal wealth.

There also was the case of Amanda Bynes.  A child star on Nickelodeon, Amanda Bynes has come into the spotlight recently for her shoddy driving technique.  Over the last year, according to various articles from People.com and TMZ.com, Amanda Bynes has involved herself in multiple car accidents – ranging from simple little bumps to a DUI.  She even drove on a suspended license:  “The actress, 26, who has been charged with a DUI and two counts of hit-and-run, has been spotted acting increasingly erratically over the last several months, including “bizarre” behavior at her gym, according to a source, and being involved in a string of car accidents.” (People.com, 9/20/2012).  Like Bieber, Amanda must think she is invincible – she obviously thought that she could drive a car on a suspended license and not encounter ramifications.  Distorted perceptions of reality often cloud and taint the minds celebrities.  It’s not necessarily that they have no sense of reason or logic, as one would likely think.  Rather, the more likely scenario is that celebrities lack a sense of responsibility.  Celebrities accustom themselves to limitless money, limitless resources, limitless power.  It’s time that celebrities learn to own up to their actions, pay for their misdeeds, and consider the legal and social consequences of their idiocies.   So, to Justin Bieber, to Amanda Bynes, and to other celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan: be better drivers!  Stop embarrassing yourselves in front of the world!  Stop drinking!  For the love of mankind, Please!


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