Fancy Cat’s Corner: The New York Voices

Why, hello, there, world.  This is Fancy Cat, your exquisitely cultured music connoisseur.  Periodically, I shall provide all of you readers with taste of music that currently piques my interest.  Today, we shall take a gander at a group rather special to my purring feline heart: The New York Voices.  Formed in 1987, the New York Voices represent an older, more antique sound that is mixed with modern jazz principles and concepts.  They consist (currently) of four  members:  Kim Nazarian, Lauren Kinhan, Darmon Meader, and Peter Eldridge.  One reason I enjoy the New York Voices and their delectable music is their inherent ability to vary their style:  The New York voices have sang everything from “standard” American jazz to classical, pop, R&B, and even Brazilian/Afro-Cuban music.  Essentially, it doesn’t matter what mood I’m in – to the New York Voices, I can jam, I can sleep, I can cram, I can party, I can cry, I can laugh, I can smile.

On the other hand, I consider the New York Voices primarily a jazz group.  And as such, one of the most important qualities for which I listen is blend of the voices.  Just like creamer blends smoothly and effortlessly into a warm cup of coffee, the voices of the New York Voices sound less like four, distinct tones and more like one voice layered over itself.  Such blend is critical, especially for a jazz song, such as the one presented to you above, not to mention the fact that the four singers of the New York Voices are executing major sevenths and minor seconds (it’s a music theory thing, you probably wouldn’t understand)  with absolute aplomb.

A look at their facebook page provides one with some more interesting information.  For one thing, the group formed twenty-five years ago, a testament to their staying power.  They take inspiration from ‘Lambert, Hendricks and Ross‘, a jazz vocalese trio formed in the late 1950s.  And yet I admire the New York Voices for somehow managing to transcend the imposing boundary of time.  For example, the latest album of the New York Voices was released in 2007 (  2007 was close to the era of time when that pitiful subhuman called ‘Justin Bieber’ clawed its way into existence.

And so, my fellow readers, I now must task you with some questions.  After all, I have so blatantly provided you all with my personal opinion of the New York Voices.  Therefore, I am of the mind that each of you should grant me some of your thoughts on the subject.


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