Another Favorite of Mine: Glee

With today comes another post about something I actually enjoy:  The TV show Glee.  Anyone who is friends with me knows that I absolutely adore anything related to singing in anyway, and Glee is very much like a depiction of my actual life.  No, I do not randomly break out in song whenever it seems suitable, and I do not always have a band that can play anything I am desiring to sing.  However, I respect Glee very much because the show represents many concepts about which I care deeply – the joy that comes from singing and the sense of family one attains from being in a choir group in particular come to mind.

Some critics bash on the show because they feel it is too dramatic.  I’m not going to refute the fact that these critics have a great argument.  Even I feel as though sometimes Glee oversimplifies complex issues (such as suicide), and also sometimes Glee lets its thick web of story lines get in the way of the real meat of the show: the singing and dancing.   When the show first began, the focus really was on the joy that participating in a Glee club can result in.  But in the show’s later seasons (a new one premieres tonight), Glee director Ryan Murphy, seems to constantly trip and stumble through the quicksand that is of his own creation.

Nonetheless, the show still manages to appeal to my pathos with some strong messages, which are portrayed brilliantly.  For example, on the show’s season premiere tonight, there is this girl, who is a sophomore in high school, who auditions for the glee club.  She makes the cut, but she is not happy.  Why?  The other teenagers in the glee club constantly make fun of the girl’s mom – an overweight lunch lady who works at the school.  Glee makes a strong message of tolerance and acceptance with this story line, which I hope is one Ryan Murphy will not oversimplify or drag out to a hyper-extended extreme.  For now, the sophomore girl seems like a genuine, realistic character to me – a characteristic most of the other characters of the show are slowly losing.

So, for now, I shall continue viewing Glee as often as I can.  I still consider it a rather accurate depiction of the activities in which I enjoy participating.  Despite the show’s numerous faults, the concept the show gets right are critical ones – ones that keep me watching.


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