Salutations, Worldly Citizens!

Welcome to this blog.  The Fancy Popular News is a magnifiying glass in which I shall analyze my views on a wide expanse of popular culture – popular culture being anything from music to sports to the personal lives of celebrities to video games to just about anything in society that can be considered “popular”.  For example, I currently have a very strong desire to rant about my hatred of the term “YOLO”, and also my immense inclination to talk about Snooki’s baby, and why Snooki earns so much notoreity in modern American culture.

I chose this wide-ranging topic to keep the reader interested and intrigued.  I was considering doing a blog solely about music, but changed my mind after figuring the reader would not want to repeatedly read about tonal harmony and the joys  and wonders of the g sharp harmonic minor scale (  Therefore, popular culture seemed a much more fruitful option.

As for the title of this blog, I really just had a thought that occurred in my mind.  While analyzing the nitty, gritty details of modern popular culture, I wanted to maintain a face of eloquence and grace (and yet, at the same time reveal a sense of natural candour that piques the interest of the reader).  The next thing that popped up in my brain was a curious image of a man in a shiny, black tophat and oversized monicle.  (He also had a rather fabulous moustache).  A a result, I decided to add the word “Fancy” into the title of my blog, as a representative of that eloquence and grace which I desire to obtain.

There really isn’t much else I have a strong desire to add in this post, so I’ll leave it at this – Dear reader, I hope you enjoy the sophistated elegance and fancy eloquence of my blog, and at the same time, laugh and giggle at the various pop culture phenonemons I shall mention (for example, the apparent fad in New Jersey of looking like a lovechild of an Oompa-Loompa and an orange creamsicle).  That’s all, folks!


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